42 Gear Street Charity Auction

42 Gear Street Charity Auction

Buy gear for a good reason

Henning Pauly, the host, creator, brain of Youtube channel EytschPi42, has organised 42 Gear Street,an independent Youtube event in September. 17 brands, 18 youtubers in his amazing studio.

You can watch all the videos that were created during those 4 days by typing #42GSone in Youtube's search bar.

Now that the event is finished, Henning has another amazing idea: a charity auction with the gear used during the event. The proceeds will go to the local animal shelter.

In this auction, there is a Two notes Torpedo C.A.B. M and a Two notes Le Clean to bid for.

You can see the whole list of gear sold for this charity auction here:

42 Gear Street Charity Auction

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