Torpedos in Uneven Structure's next release.

Torpedos in Uneven Structure's next release.

Audient Sono and Torpedo Reload with Uneven Structure

Uneven Stucture has finished working in the studio for their upcoming third album, Paragon. The recordings took place at Babylon Studio. This state of the art studio is based in Czech Republic, and have an amazing live room for drum takes. In the control room, they have at their disposal the Two notes Torpedo Studio and the Torpedo Captor.

In all, it took 20 days of studio time to record Paragon, which is released on the 18th of October 2019 on Long Branch Records. The single "Innocent" has premiered on the 25th of july 2019. Watch and listen to it below.

The process

Uneven Structure is a 4 piece band where Igor Omodei holds guitar duties. For Paragon, there are as many as 40 tracks of guitar per song to achieve the desired musical textures and layers

Benoit Friedrich is the bass player and having a pedalboard and amp head precisely fine-tuned for his tone, it was an absolute necessity to have his rig captured exactly on tape.

Uneven Structure went into Babylon Studios bringing with them two Two notes Torpedo Reload and one Audient Sono. Benoit recorded his beloved Ampeg head with the Reload, which allowed his amp tone to be recorded faithfully, while in the same time having a clean D.I sound of his bass being recorded for later reamping with the Torpedo Reload.

Two notes Torpedo Reload with Uneven Structure
Benot Friedrich's bass rig with a Torpedo Reload.

Igor on his side tracked all of his guitars with the Audient Sono and its tube DI input, doing so while bass and drums were being commited to tape. This allowed him to reamp the tracks afterwards through different amps, including the Revv Generator 120.

Torpedo Reload and Audient Sono with Uneven Structure
Igor Omodei tracked all his guitars with the Audient Sono.

You can preorder "Paragon" from Uneven Structure here.