Want a free Two notes Torpedo C.A.B. M (and much more!!) ?

Want a free Two notes Torpedo C.A.B. M (and much more!!) ?

Win $5k worth of gear!

We are very proud to be part of the gigantic giveaway organized by Orange Amplification: "Teleport Your Tone".

On top of having the chance to win a Two notes Torpedo C.A.B. M and the official Orange cabinets made by Celestion, you can find yourself winning an amazing Kiezel Guitars to play on an Orange Rocker 32 combo amp!! And many more other incredible gifts!!

The prizelist

The $5k prize package includes:

  • 1 Orange Amplifiers Rocker 32 Combo
  • 1 OMEC Teleport Pedal
  • 1 KieselGuitars Stealth Custom Delos 6 String Guitar
  • 1 Eventide Rose
  • 1 Eventide H9
  • 1 Eventide Powermax
  • 1 Two notes Torpedo C.A.B. M
  • 1 Two notes official Orange cabinets pack
  • 1 RightOn Guitar Straps Custom OMEC Guitar Strap
  • 1 TempleBoards Duo 17 Pedalboard
  • 1 year of supply of GHS Strings (48 packs)
  • 1 Jam Origin Midi Guitar
  • 1 Evidence Audio Cable Audio SIS/Monorail Patch Cable Kit
  • 1 Hooke Audio Hooke’s Verse

How do I participate?

Very simple, just click on the following link and follow the steps:https://orangeamps.com/teleport-your-tone-competition/

The "Teleport your Tone" giveaway contest ends on the 31st of July 2019. The winner will be notified as from the 2nd of August by Orange Amplifications.

Teleport Your Tone giveaway
Win $5k worth of gear with the Teleport Your Tone Giveaway by Orange Amplifications.


  • Larry Crosley
    12 juillet, 2019

    Hope I win.

  • William Hubbell
    12 juillet, 2019

    Beautiful stuff! I especially like the Orange Amp!

  • Niven A. Nolte
    12 juillet, 2019

    This is the most fantastic thing I have ever heard of !

  • Emmett O’Hara
    12 juillet, 2019

    Winner Winner, chicken dinner

  • Richard Martocchio
    12 juillet, 2019

    Winning this contest would take me to the next level. :)

  • Bill hubbell
    12 juillet, 2019

    Beautiful stuff!

  • Evan David
    12 juillet, 2019


  • Marcel Touponse
    12 juillet, 2019

    always regretted selling my orange amp 25 years ago. This is a great prize list.

  • Malx2000
    12 juillet, 2019

    One word: Class

  • Wayne Powers
    12 juillet, 2019


  • Edward D Goforth
    13 juillet, 2019

    I love Two-notes for my tonal needs!!!!

  • Chris
    13 juillet, 2019

    Hell of a nice set of gear, Best of luck to all entrants.

  • Paul Smith
    14 juillet, 2019

    Can't wait

  • Borgnon Chris
    14 juillet, 2019

    Cross my fingers...

  • Dima
    16 juillet, 2019


  • Renee Morgan
    16 juillet, 2019

    I'd love this for my new son-in-law!

  • David Donner
    23 juillet, 2019

    With all this gear you could play at least three notes !

  • gerry saddler
    26 juillet, 2019

    This is futile. Things you see you'd like to own one day is not easily within our grasp. These contests leave one with a "possible" chance of ownership but experience tells the practical to put some money aside and make the big purchase. There's no disappointment in doing that.

    27 juillet, 2019

    'm lover not a fighter, but i could fight for it