Get Brian May's tone with these presets!

Get Brian May's tone with these presets!

Thanks to Danny Gomez from “A Night At The Opera” we have two amazing presets for you to download and reach the sonic perfection set by Brian May during all these years.

Download the presets here.

The presets are done with two Vox AC30 cabinet and have been dialed with a Brian May KAT Treble Booster, a Massive unity TAE 1964 preamp, an OMEC Teleport and Torpedo Wall of sound.

The preset BHM Special is the contemporary tone of Brian May and the BHM Classic is based on the foundation tones of Queen.

Danny Gomez has performed in the official Queen Musical « We Will Rock you », recorded with Brian May and toured internationally with several Queen shows inc. “A Night At The Opera”.

More info:

Danny Gomez:his full bio and his news, Instagram @dannygomezoficial

To download Torpedo Wall of Sound: click here and select your plugin version at the bottom of the page.