All about Le Bass! Preamp shootouts and many more.

All about Le Bass! Preamp shootouts and many more.

Bass friends, this is for you.

We have received two amazing videos this week specially taylored for the low-end kings: a bass preamp shootout and a bass only review of the Two notes Torpedo C.A.B. M with bass lines to die for :)

First a very comprehensive and amazingly well thought out video comparing different preamps. Erik Arkö chose the EBS Micro Bass, the Darkglass Microtubes X7 & Alpha·Omega Ultra and our very own Two notes Le Bass. An epic bass preamp shootout perfectly executed with 3 different basses, different songs and genres. The bass sound is included in the mix with parts on its own to give the full spectrum. Amazing!

Second, our friend Gregory Friss has conducted this great video review of the C.A.B M only for bass players. It gives the whole range of bass tones you can get with this compact speaker-simulation pedal, used with an Ashdown amp, and also with the Le Bass Preamp. The player is René Flächsenhaar, who delivers great bass lines one after the other.

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