Stereo setups with the Torpedo C.A.B. M

Stereo setups with the Torpedo C.A.B. M

You want stereo from the Two notes Torpedo C.A.B M ? Have no fear, we have it all explained hereunder.We have selected three completely different setup in terms of rigs with always an amazing result for your guitar tone, by three Youtube channels: The Pedal Zone, EytschPi42 and Jay LeonardJ.- the simple one as showcased by The Pedal Zone.It is the quickest way to get a stereo sound out of your C.A.B. M. You will need a stereo pedal effect (delay and reverb pedals being the first to spring to mind here (no pun intended:D ) ) after the C.A.B M and just let the magic happen. Very simple, very quick and not much real estate needed.

- the obvious one as demonstrated by Hening Pauly.How about putting two C.A.B. M on your pedalboard ? Why would you do that? Henning has it all answered. And if you have never watched any of Henning’s video before, treat yourself with a good cup of tea, and enjoy the ride.

- the very clever one for your gigs imagined by Jay Leonard J.Honestly, we had not thought of that one initially, and well done to him for giving such a good tip to the community. The killer idea is to have a setup that uses your amp and your pedalboard but gives you the luxury to keep your rig unchanged and decide if you go stereo or not on the spot.

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