5 user cases for Torpedo C.A.B. M from Jay Leonard J.

5 user cases for Torpedo C.A.B. M from Jay Leonard J.

We are really happy to count Jay Leonard J in our artist's roster. He has crafted this incredible video on different real-life cases use of Torpedo C.A.B M, our cab sim pedal.

From blending it with a real miked amp for more thickness in your live sound to stereo setup with your pedalboard and one miked amp.

If you already own a Torpedo C.A.B. M, this video is mind-opening on how you can improve your tone with or without an amp when going direct. Jay leonard J also shows how to combine the amp and the cab sim to create high-quality layered guitar sounds, while using the amp also as a foldback monitor.

If you are hesitant about IRs (impulse responses) and cab simulation, this video will make you cross the bridge. The tips given by Jay Leonard J show how complementary a physical amp can be with the Torpedo C.A.B M paired or not with a load box.

This video gives you a great listen to amazing pedals such as the Benson Amps Preamp and a JDS-50 from Mr Black (Unfortunately the latter is now discontinued.). The Source Audio Nemesis used for the stereo setup leads to a killer stereo delay tone.


  • Rick
    23 avril, 2019

    Should I wait for a stereo cab. I have an electric twelve string and some stereo mod pedals.

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