Audient SONO is available!!

Audient SONO is available!!

Since the news has been out in January, the Audient SONO is now available in stores worldwide!

This groundbreaking guitar interface is the first of its kind with our Torpedo technology embedded. This means this unit is standalone. You can plug your favorite pedals in it for a quick practice session and enjoy awesome tones thanks to the virtual cabinets loaded in the 3 presets for your speaker simulation. All this through a proper tube preamp to have all your natural guitar tones.

It is also a full Audient audio interface with their renown mic preamps.  And because they are the best brand out there at the moment, you can decide to route the first input through the tube!

And last but not least, why not also have reamping possibilities. Yes, Audient has thought of it all, for us bass and guitar players out there. Glenn Fricker from Spectre Studios has done this great review of the Sono.


  • Patrick Pérez
    28 mars, 2019

    J'attends toujours la mienne commandée le 7/2. Allons, patience...