The Torpedo Live and C.A.B. firmware upgrade (BETA Version).

The Torpedo Live and C.A.B. firmware upgrade (BETA Version).

With this new firmware for the Torpedo C.A.B and the Torpedo Live, you have the dual miking on all the cabinets ! And it makes life so much easier to dial a great tone for your miked speaker-simulation. Go here to download it:

Thanks to The Guitar Geek, this video shows quickly what it is all about.

You also get to load longer impulse responses now. We have doubled the length capacities, from 20ms to 40ms (1024 samples to 2048 samples). And to emulate the dual miking, we now allow for the use of two third party IRs at once.And the gift keeps on giving : the interface has been completely overhauled. The simulation mode has undergone a complete review, and we welcome a new mode : the IR Loader mode. The workspace is also completely resizable. And the Remote can handle multiple Torpedo units at once.The Torpedo Live and C.A.B are much loved by our community users. With its load box, digital cab sim and rack format, the Live has really been endorsed by the pros. The everyday gigging musician who needs a reliable solution, and a guarantee of quality for their guitar sound going to the PA as you can see in the following videos shot during this year's NAMM with Rod Castro (Beyonce, Ellie Goulding, X-Factor,etc.) and Bradly Mcdonald (The Band Lovett) who explains how they include the Torpedo Live in their rig.


  • Byoungsam Jin
    23 février, 2019

    Hello. I'm so exciting in here.I want to see the update.