Recap of an amazing NAMM 2019 show!

Recap of an amazing NAMM 2019 show!

Here we are, back at the office after NAMM Show 2019. It was absolutely amazing!! We met people we love, artists, dealers, customers, and shared lots of laughs and good moments while playing guitar, talking music, discovering new gear.

NAMM 2019 Two notes

And mostly this year's NAMM was about the release of our new Torpedo hardware and two solid partnerships that were brought to another levels with two physical products now available: the Audient SONO and the REVV D20.

As you have seen last week we released our new Torpedo C.A.B. M at the show. We had the chance to do our own hands-on review of the pedal thanks to 60 Cycle Hum who were running a live video shoot at Delicious Audio's Stompbox Booth. You can watch the full length video here:

Many thanks again to Ryan Burke who made us feel so welcome when setting up for the video.

We have been interviewed many times about our new pedal, and the following video, while not containing a single note of guitar, sums it all about how laid back and fun the NAMM Show can be.

As for our new partners in crime, Audient and Revv put on a massive show this year.

Audient showcased the very awaited SONO and the reception was unbelievable. They also had big names come over their booth such as Graham Coxon from Blur or Dean Parks who has played with Steely Dan, Michael Jackson and Barbara Streisand.

Musicradar has been so convinced by this very first tube-guitar-oriented audio interface that they have awarded a Best Of Show to the SONO.

Audient SONO NAMM 2019

As for REVV, they filled a silent booth with the whole collection of their amps for full-on demos. The booth showcased a complete wall of amps ready to be played through headphones with our Torpedo Live handling load box and cab sim duties. They held a signature session with Jeff Loomis. Of course, the star of the show was their brand new amp, the D20. The first tube amp of its kind to accommodate the Torpedo technology as well as an internal load box, giving the guitar player the ability to have a 20w head to carry everywhere for silent gigging, recording and practicing. Learn more of this amazing amp thanks to this great interview from Premier Guitar.

We have many videos getting edited right now, and so much photos to go through so that we can give you a more detailed account of what this year's NAMM was. Keep posted, it is coming soon!


  • Michael Roy
    01 février, 2019

    when will orders or pre-orders begin for the cab-M pedal ? thanks

    • Two notes
      20 février, 2019

      Hello michaelthe pedal is available in shops as from today and as from the 28th of February for North America.Kind regards.