The assets of the official virtual cabinets

The assets of the official virtual cabinets

What makes the official MESA/Boogie and Celestion virtual cabinets different from the ones that are inspired by on the Two notes Store?Two notes works with studios around the world, we call them Capture Masters, to capture their collection of cabinets. A Capture Master may have some MESA/Boogie or other manufacturer’s cabinets,  its own collection of microphones and microphone preamplifiers, and their own studio room to do the capture. All these elements are important in the final sound you will get in the Two notes virtual Cabinet.MESA/Boogie and Celestion selected the finest among their cabinets and speakers, the best microphones to record them, in a studio room they know and love. Throughout the process they listened and made sure the sound is a perfect reproduction of their products and that the virtual cabinets match the characteristics and specs of their physical counterparts.What is the difference between the official Celestion Two notes virtual cabinets and their previous IRs?The Two notes virtual cabinet proprietary format is not just a bunch of IR files in .wav format.Each cabinet comes with 8 different microphones. The possibility to move the microphone in the virtual room, in front or behind the cabinet - that we call IR synthesis – is the equivalent of thousands of individual files, without the hassle of checking them one by one.Moreover, Celestion went entirely through the process of capturing their cabinets and speakers with the Two notes Capture process, which is different from their original method. In other words, even if the name of the speaker is the same, the sound will be different, it’s an entirely different virtual cabinet to try and love, with an approach closer to real life on how to find the perfect tone you’re looking for.Of course the same goes for our official Revv cabinets which aims to give the exact rendition of the physical cabinets.

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