Capturing Celestion's virtual cabinets

Capturing Celestion's virtual cabinets

Celestion chose Decoy Studios to create their official Two notes virtual cabinets. This amazing studio set in the eastern countryside of England, is ran by Cenzo Townshend. He is one of the top mixing engineers in the country, credited on albums for Florence & the Machine, The Maccabees, George Ezra,etc.

decoy studios

To capture their legendary speakers, Celestion used this amazing rack of Neve’s preamp, with an exquisite collection of microphones.

rack neve

A nice balance of great classics such as the Shure SM57, the AKG 414, the Sennheiser 421, the Beyer Dynamic M160 and gems like the Neumann U47 FET, the vintage AKG D12, the Royer Labs 121 and the Coles 4038 Studio Ribon.

Celestion built 5 specific cabinets for the captures: open and closed 1x12, open and closed 2x12 and a closed 4x12. They were all made in Baltic Birch, and the speakers were rear mounted. The speakers captured were the Alnico Blue, G12M Greenback and Vintage 30. All were new speakers. The captures were done in the live room of Decoy Studios is of the greatest quality with its huge log wall that gives the space a warm reverb.

live room decoy studios

Celestion has equipped many (could we say all?) manufacturers of cabinets since the beginning of the electric guitar era, and have gained an iconic status with the Vintage 30, the Greenback and the almighty Alnico Blue. The list of A-list guitar players that have played on these speakers is credit to the excellence reached by Celestion : Jimmy Page, Angus Young, George Harrison, Brian May, etc.

With this collection of virtual cabinets, Celestion wants to give the guitar players around the world the exact rendition of how each of these mythical speakers should sound. You are guaranteed this is the real deal from the most legendary speaker manufacturer.


  • Rogerio
    26 octobre, 2018

    That's an awesome partnership. Loved my Torpedo WoF and now I can get even more great tones using these newest cabinets. Good job!

  • Lachlan Buttifant
    28 octobre, 2018

    What a process, Phenomenal results, Blown away by These Cabinets My Tones are Huge! Thanks Two Notes!