The Torpedo Wall of Sound has been updated (again)

The Torpedo Wall of Sound has been updated (again)

List of fixed bugs:

  • Performance issue when WoS window pops-up : a regression was introduced between 4.2.6 and 4.3.0. It has been fixed

  • Cubase issue: Cubase 9.5 and 8.5 issues have been fixed.

  • Crash or hang after a usage of 10-15 min with Logic: this issue has been fixed.

  • Plugin validation in Logic: the validation process can now be run when the WoS is in use.

  • Preset and DAW project reloading in Arcade mode: WoS setup in Arcade is now correct after reloading.

  • Cabinet and Preset popup menus size have been increased: the size of the popup menus is not dependent anymore on the window’s size.

  • Invalid VST3 folder installation on Windows: it has been fixed.

  • DAW track duplication issue : WoS instances were not properly initialized after a track duplication. It has been fixed.

  • Link channel mic issue in simulation mode : sometimes, linked channels were not properly synchronized after moving the microphones.

  • + several minor UI fixes.


  • Fer
    05 octobre, 2018

    Should I uninstall previous version before installing this updated one? Also, I'm a High Sierra - Logic user. What version then, 4.3.1? Thanks!

    • Two notes
      15 octobre, 2018

      Hello erkan,it is better if you uninstall depending of the WOS verion you were under before installing the new 4.3.1 version. kind regards.

  • Erkan
    11 octobre, 2018

    Tried installing 4.3.1 on my MacBook Bro Running 10.14 (18A391) and Logic 10.4.2 it says the plugin is not available on my system.

    • Two notes
      15 octobre, 2018

      Helloif you empty the cache of your logic, the WOS plugin will appear in the list. You can read this article on our support desk to learn how to do it : regards.

  • charles
    14 octobre, 2018

    I have pro tools 12 perpetual which version of 4.3.1 should I download for a Windows 10 PC 64 bit?

    • Two notes
      15 octobre, 2018

      Helloyou have to download the AAX 64 bit version that is available for download. Kind regards.

  • David Rome
    14 octobre, 2018

    I have 2 bass cabinets made by a Wisconsin company, Sonic, which I would LOVE to hear in my Two Notes signal chain:1) 1994 18" Electro Voice Proline, probably the heaviest cabinet I've ever lifted2) 1993 4 x 10" Electro Voice, and a piezo hornI've been told by nearly two dozen experienced musicians (guitarists, drummers, vocalists, keyboardists, other bassists, and mufti-instrumentalists, like myself), with varied backgrounds in blues, rock, jazz, country, and multiple genres of metal, that when combined with my Ampeg SVT 4 Pro, and either my 1983 Fender Precision Bass, or my own handmade custom bass loaded with an EMG PJ-X pickup set, and an EMG BQC System, that this rig is the best sounding bass tone they have ever heard.

    • Two notes
      15 octobre, 2018

      Hello David,with our software BlendIR, you can create your own IRs. It will be quicker to do for you ;) Kind regards.

  • Jose
    19 octobre, 2018

    WOS 4.3.1 not showing up in Cubase 7.5 . Tried VST and VST3 but neither show up in cubase . Went back to WOS 4.2.6. Please help

  • Two notes
    31 octobre, 2018

    We are working on another update that will cure this major problem on Cubase. Hopefully it will be released next week. Kind regards.

    • Jose
      20 novembre, 2018

      Any news on the update?

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