Connecting Torpedo racks to audio units.

Connecting Torpedo racks to audio units.

This week’s blog post will be different than the others because it answers a user’s demand: how do we connect the Torpedo units to audio interfaces?All our racks have balanced outputs. They can be connected to any audio units. And these come in many different kinds: mixing desks, audio interfaces, outboard racks. These offer balanced inputs and unbalanced inputs.In modern units, balanced inputs will be for microphones inputs with preamps and for line inputs with or without preamps. Unbalanced inputs will be used for instrument inputs, also called Hi-impedance (or Hi-Z) inputs.Will there be a significant audio improvement in using one against the other? Well, because all things are never equal this is a mere impossible question to answer.  The rule of thumb is to go as simple as possible: balanced into balanced and use the appropriate cable (XLR to XLR or Jack TRS to jack TRS, and finally Jack TRS to XLR).If you only have unbalanced cable, go for the line input because of impedance matters and that an instrument input could be voiced a bit differently compared to a line input. Again, so many units out there each with its specific build, it is not possible to state for sure if there will be a difference or not.The main difference you will encounter will be the levels in the receiving unit (audio interface or mixing desk) between line and mic input. A line input is calibrated to have a lower sensitivity (generally around -20 dB compared to the mic input) to accommodate material that has high-level outputs (like the Torpedo racks) (generally around -20 dB compared to the mic input).

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