Shawn Tubbs reviews the Le Clean

Shawn Tubbs reviews the Le Clean

We are delighted to have such a nice review uploaded to Youtube for the Two notes Le Clean preamp by Shawn Tubbs. The playing is exquisite. And he really goes over all the features of the pedal:

- Different tone available in Channel A, with an overview of the extreme settings of the knobs.

- The difference with the Channel B, the mid sweep controls.

- the fusion mode and how it can beef up your sound or give great gain to a rhythm sound

- how the JHS Morning Glory really sings with the Le Clean (he has an amazing lead sound combining the two).

The great thing with this review is how he uses the Le Clean as a direct line input into his audio interface, adding the cab sim with the Wall of Sound plugin. Just like you would if you use a Torpedo C.A.B. M after the Le Clean.

The playing is absolutely amazing, and he really explains the pedal and what it can bring to a silent rig. Thank you Shawn Tubbs :)