40 FREE presets for Victory Cabinets

40 FREE presets for Victory Cabinets

We are delighted to be welcoming Victory Amplification into the Two notes family with the launch of the Victory Official DynIR Virtual Cabinets! Victory and Two notes have come together to create 40 speaker captures, available individually or within six packs, capturing all of Victory’s cabinet range - the Kraken, Duchess, Copper and Sheriff.

Following up on the Victory cabinets' release, here are 40 free presets, that cover each and every Victory cabinet, specifically designed for our cab sim plugin Wall of Sound. ( Please Note - you may not have all the cabinets that are in these presets. In this case, the cabinet will be in preview mode through the Two notes Store in the plugin.)

Download your 40 free Victory presets

These presets show the tonal range of the official Victory Amplification DynIR Virtual Cabinets. The Victory DynIR cabinets come in two versions, Classic or Boutique - the Classic cabinets have a collection of 8 industry standard performance microphones, while the Boutique cabinets is made up of more nuanced and iconic studio microphones.

Each preset consists of one cabinet and four mics - 2 close mics and two room-mics. The carefully selected mics give the best blend for the miking of the cabinet. The room acoustic is different for each cabinet.

Please check this article to help you with your first steps in Wall of Sound. You will find valuable tips about the plugin, and how to import new presets in the plugin.