Youtubers and Torpedo Captor X

Youtubers and Torpedo Captor X

Torpedo Captor X has been played by a number of high-profile youtubers since its release: Ola Englund, Tom Quayle, Rabea Massaad, Rhett Shull to name but a few.

Each of these players shows us exactly what the Captor X is capable of and push it to the absolute limit - Want to know everything about the reactive load box? The Virtual Cabinets? The attenuator? Midi? Reverbs? Check out the following videos... But, if you just want to hear some killer playing with great tone, these guys have it all, all courtesy of the Captor X and their own sublime talent!

We also have videos in French, Spanish, and German. You can hear the greatness of the Torpedo Captor X paired with tube amps while practicing your language skills.

First, some great music

Shawn Tubbs delivers an incredible song to open his demo. Clever time signature in the riff and, as always, a masterclass in hybrid picking.

Tom Quayle is as impressive as ever, especially within the highly intricate melody he crafts around the complex chord sequence. Tom is THE legato master!

Rhett Shull decides to go full garage rock. The track is high on adrenaline with pumping guitars.

Jamie Humphries brings the classic rock, but not the Les Paul into a Marshall style, but with all the whammy bars and tapping - his solo tone is one of the best we've ever heard!

The chugmeister, Ola Englund, goes for only the heaviest riffs to open his review. After all, he wants to know if it chugs.

Taking the chugga in a different direction, Rabea Massaad grooves like no other with some of the tightest rhythm hand work in rock.

¿Hablas español? Ou francais? Eher deutsch? или русский?

We also have a number of videos in different languages. We hope to add more in the coming months so that we can address the largest amount of citizens around the globe. As for you, English-speakers, this is your chance to practice your language skills.

Being a French company, we have a thorough review of the Torpedo Captor X in French, performed by Guitar Plug n Play.

Carlos Asensio from Guitarraviva used his modded Marshall JCM800 to play with the Torpedo Captor X and warm-heartedly goes through all the features of the reactive load box in Spanish.

Peter Geltat sported his blackest look and a very nice E-II guitar for his German review.

And finally, Yuri Shilnikov, who is the face and music behind Fredguitarist, the Russian guitar channel on Youtube has done a very in-depth tour of the Torpedo Captor X in Russian.

All these videos are compiled in the Torpedo Captor X Playlist Two notes TV on Youtube.