Torpedo Studio review by the Guitar Magazine (UK)

Torpedo Studio review by the Guitar Magazine (UK)

This is a nice review by The Guitar Magazine in the UK on the Torpedo Studio. It is so good we should be thinking of using it as our product description page for our high-end digital load box.

"Why is this better than just plugging a guitar straight into your DAW and loading up a modeling plug-in? Well, because this is using your real amp."

They took their time to go over all the aspects of the Torpedo Studio: mic placement, cabinet choice, Post FX section, etc.

They highlight all the qualities of this cab sim unit that makes it a standout product in the crowd: latency free stereo sound, nice tones among the presets, ease of use with the Remote,etc.

You can read the full article here.


  • James
    09 septembre, 2018

    Maybe write about how to use the Torpedo Live properly for your next blog post? I'm having so much headaches figuring out which cable I should use and which port of my interface should I plug the cable into. Your product have "balanced line output" while most audio interfaces only have unbalanced line input. There's the balanced mic input, but it's a mic input and not a line input, so there's non-matching volume or whatever the problem is.One problem I have with your product is that your manuals are written as if you're assuming that your users are 99% audio experts. The truth is, we are not. We are just guitarists who want to explore an easier way to play and record. Maybe look into this matter in the future? That would be great. Thank you.

  • Two notes
    13 septembre, 2018

    Hello, thanks for the very interesting input. We shall draft a blog post about it very soon, and maybe start a series of post around our products to increase the ease of use. Kind regards.