MusicRadar runs a pedalboad amp shootout

MusicRadar runs a pedalboad amp shootout

Music Radar made a nice pedalboard amp review in September 2017.Giving their readers an insight on our to turn their pedalboards into a full rig without an amp. It runs out a comparison of different brands with the whole of our le Preamps are featured and our Torpedo C.A.B. too.

They talk about the difference between each preamp, how they are different. Also, how Two notes' products are superior in terms of sound quality, while being easy to use.

And it ends with this marvellous conclusion for our gear:« For the home studio, the combination of a Two Notes Le Preamp and the Torpedo C.A.B. is the way to go. Most players will probably gravitate towards the Fender-like clean tones of the Le Clean or the beefier Marshall heft of the Le Crunch, but the Le Lead is a great sounding unit, too, albeit trickier to dial in. »

The piece is full of valuable information.You can read it entirely here.

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