Torpedo C.A.B. M demos in many languages

Torpedo C.A.B. M demos in many languages

Since the release in February 2019 of our cab sim pedal, Torpedo C.A.B M, there has been quite a hefty amount of videos on Youtube covering all aspects of this stompbox:

  • using it as an amp DI
  • pairing it with a load box for a silent amp rig
  • using it with a pedalboard for an ampless setup
  • using the Two notes virtual cabinets and the dual miking
  • comparing the cab sim sounds with the physical cab miked sounds
  • using it as an IR Loader

You can find pretty much every playing style too: from blues to heavy metal, clean sounds to high gain sounds.

The coolest thing is that the Torpedo C.A.B. M has been covered in plenty of different countries, so plenty of languages. you can watch the pedal and listen to its cab sim abilities in:

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • German

  • and of course in French

And for English addicts, you can enjoy Jay Leonard's sweet playing in this video.

If you know of demos for Torpedo C.A.B. M in other languages, please leave a comment below.