Want to leave your amp at home?

Want to leave your amp at home?

Lugging around a heavy amp is not always fun! Reproducing your amazing tone by miking your amp on stage can be a challenge.

Want a consistent tone at every gig? Why not try...

  • a tube preamp such as Le Clean or Le Crunch delivering a perfect pedal platform for your gain pedals coupled with
  • a cab sim pedal (Torpedo C.A.B M) to handle the power amp simulation, the cabinet and the mic.
A preamp and a cabsim to go direct with wonderful tones.

The preamp pedal

The tube preamp keeps all the organic tone of your guitar and pedals. You keep the feel and dynamics of a tube amp with the convenience of a pedalboard.

The preamp will ensure you have a proper tone stack before hitting the power amp of Torpedo C.A.B. M and depending on your choice of tone stack, you will lean towards classic plexi tones (Le Crunch) or sparkling tweed cleans (Le Clean) with plenty of headroom.

The cab sim pedal

The Torpedo C.A.B. M is the missing link between your tone and the PA sound. With the tube preamp and the power amp simulation, you recreate the whole signal chain of a tube amp. Then it is "the piece de resistance": the go direct cab sim.

Torpedo C.A.B. M is loaded with 32 virtual cabinets, and there are an additional 300 to choose from on the Two notes Store. Each cabinet is a faithful capture of legendary guitar and bass cabinets that can be dual-miked. Shape your tone with the internal 5 band equalizer and finish your sound by placing your cab and mic combination in one of the 8 rooms available. You can also upload your own IRs in the pedal or on the memory card.

Go direct

By going direct, you get rid of the hassle of the cabinet, the mic and the cable. Torpedo C.A.B. M has an XLR output to go straight into the stage patch. This DI output has the line level and impedance setting to ensure your signal is carried to the mixing desk with the best signal to noise ratio.


  • Ariel
    29 octobre, 2019

    Any future plans to make this same size unit stereo? Thanks

    • Grega Samar
      12 décembre, 2019

      That would be great... one amp is ok.. but option to connect stereo delays and reverb would be a game changer

  • Avi
    08 novembre, 2019

    So yesterday I went to a local studio to jam with some friends and decided to try my CAB M instead of using the studio's tube amp (Victory V30).Guess what, I didn't use the amp for the entire evening.I used the Torpedo with a custom patch I created at home and went from it (using the XLR out) directly to the mixer. It sounded awesome!!I didn't evet use any dedicated "preamp" pedal.My setup was: Guitar, polytune, Dunlop wah, Boss OD 1, EHX chorus, Mooer delay, Torpedo CAB M, mixer, PA system.Even the sound engineer in studio was surprised to hear how good the sound was.I will probably buy a dedicated preamp pedal just so I can control the EQ a little bit better.This whole experience really made me think of the need of an actual amp these days. I really don't think I'll be using any amp in the near future.KUDOS TO Two Notes.