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Metal XL Pack


Save a further 10% off with the Metal Pack XL for use with Torpedo Hardware and Wall Of Sound Plugin as opposed to purchasing each cabinet separately!

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Featuring some of the top-selling cabinets from this year, the Metal Pack XL (Sister to the original Metal Pack) now includes both Guitar and Bass cabinets to get any home or professional studio, practicing guitarist, or band, the tools to bring the ground shattering tone they hear in their head to life. 

 Here is the list of the cabinets included in this pack, compatible with Torpedo Hardware & Software


  1. NOS V30
  2. Calif StdC
  3. Angl 60C
  4. Angl VintC
  5. BritGreen
  6. Brit 60A
  7. XT Cab
  8. CalifRecto
  1. Fridge
  2. Calif Low
How to do it:
1- Purchase the pack
2- Download and install WoS:
3- Use your Two notes Store registration information to activate WoS and follow the instructions, your new cabinets will be downloaded at the end of the process (requires a working Internet connection)
4- PLAY!

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