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Fortin Amplification Essentials Pack


Save a further 10% off with the Fortin Amplification Essentials Pack for use with Torpedo Hardware and Wall Of Sound Plugin as opposed to purchasing each cabinet separately!

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Fortin Amplification are one of the more renowned Amp manufactures in the world, creating Heads and Cabinets for bands such as After The Burial, Ola Englund, The Faceless, Unearth, Meshuggah and many more - and now, they have teamed up with Two notes Audio to bring you a new library of those very same Cabinets exclusively for Two notes Hardware and wall of sound Plugin!

In this Pack, you'll find most styles of cabinets the Fortin have to offer, suited to every style of playing and the same Cabinets from Mike Fortin's Private Collection used to test all the amps that come through their doors!

 Here is the list of the cabinets included in this pack, compatible with Torpedo Hardware & Software

  1. Fortin Custom Front Loaded
  2. Fortin Beast Cream
  3. Fortin Beast Green
  4. Fortin Beast Al 90
  5. Fortin Beast 30
  6. Fortin Custom Diffuser
  7. Fortin Custom USA 30
  8. Fortin British 30H55
  9. Fortin UK 30
How to do it:
1- Purchase the pack
2- Download and install WoS:
3- Use your Two notes Store registration information to activate WoS and follow the instructions, your new cabinets will be downloaded at the end of the process (requires a working Internet connection)
4- PLAY!

Cabinets designed and built by StoneAge Custom Cabinets LLC

Compatible uniquement avec les produits Two notes (logiciels et machines).

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