A special present for your Wall of Sound

A special present for your Wall of Sound

We wanted to make a very special preset to wrap up the giveaway of the lockdown era.

Have you ever wondered what they, the 6 guitar cabinets included in the giveaway, would sound like if you played them all at once? We wondered what is the true tonal strength of each cab... can each cabinet contribute a distinct part of a tone?

This thought process, with lots of coffee and a level of concentration not experienced before, led us to this, the Mother Of All Presets (click on the link to download the preset). You have all 6 guitar cabinets in one preset; a full stereo experience with layers of tone for a true Wall of Sound experience. Just one preset to give you a thick, precise, heavy, and articulate tone.

Obviously, this led us to drink more coffee and let the lockdown craziness take over... let's throw in the 7th cabinet, the bass cabinet, right into the mix. How would they all combine? Should the preset be for bass? Or maybe a preset with plenty of low end for dropped down tuning aficionados, baritone players, etc. It's all of those... just let the power of the preset overtake you! For either bass of guitar, you've never heard a cab mash up like this before!

Download the "All Together Now" preset.