Multi Effects and Torpedo

Multi Effects and Torpedo

Right now, in the ever-changing world of gear, there are a huge amount of full stereo multiFX units that have ‘movable’ internal effects loops… These multiFX units are, without doubt, some of the most fun pieces of gear to just sit down and play with. With those in mind, this week we are going to be talking about using the loop of a multiFX unit to make the most out of your Two notes Torpedo.

FX loops are not a new concept as many tube amps have had them for years – in an amp, the FX loop separates the signal chain between the preamp and the power amp stages and allows you to place effects right in the middle. You will find that placing effects either in front of the amp (between your guitar and your amp input) or within the FX loop changes how they react and sound dramatically. For example, have you compared putting a chorus, flanger, or maybe a UniVibe before the amp and then compared to how they sound in the loop? It’s the same principle as putting them before and after your drive pedals. The differences are startling – there is no right or wrong way to do it, but it’s well worth knowing the difference in tone and reaction based on where they are in your signal chain.

Use the FX Loop of your multi-fx with a Torpedo unit for an amazing cab sim experience.

What are the benefits?

The classic “FX loop” effects are the ones we call time based… so, that’s your reverb and delays. Some modulation effects may sound better in the loop as well, but that’s another story (most people like UniVibe and Phaser in front, with chorus, tremolo and flangers in the loop – but, once again, this is not set in stone, it’s all about how it sounds to you). When it comes to the time-based effects, in the loop you’ll find you have more control over your reverbs, they will sound clear and lush. The delays will be far more consistent, when going in front you often have to change the level and feedback of your delays based on how loud your amp is, but in the loop they will be the same every time – and they will be crystal clear. One of the secret weapons of FX loops, in stereo multi FX units, is that you can turn the mono Torpedo cab-sim signal into full stereo and go directly to the PA/audio interface through the two outputs of your multiFX unit.

How do you do it?

Placing the Torpedo into the loop of your FX unit will give you the opportunity to not only have awesome Two notes technology ‘within’ your multiFX, but have total control of where it sits in the chain. Based on the knowledge we have from effects loops in amps, you can place your Torpedo after the drive sections in the same kind of place you would put your delay and reverb. However, this is not set in stone and this is where the fun starts… put your Torpedo before the delays and reverbs, put them after, put it everywhere to find out which works best for you. The only thing you have to remember is this - there is no right or wrong, only what sounds good. By doing this, your multiFX unit will sound better, more natural and totally awesome going direct!