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Diffusion Audio Bass Pack


Diffusion Audio a capturé ses 3 enceintes virtuelles basses: 

- Form Factor Audio® 4B10-4 

- Ashdown Audio Engineering ABM 414T 4x10

- Acoustic® 301 1x18” bass reflex cabinet

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Diffusion Audio has created these incredible virtual bass cabinets from 3 very sought-after cabinets:

- the Form Factor Audio® 4B10-4

It is a first choice for the modern bassist looking for incredible punch and dynamics. This cabinet will respond and recover extremely quickly allowing the bassist to cover a wide range of frequencies with incredible dynamics and without any artifacts. Crafted in Orange County, California and featuring premium components throughout, this cabinet meets the standards of premium PA cabinets used in concert production. The cabinet features an adjustment HF horn and we captured it with the horn set to 50% which we found was an ideal setting for most genres of bass.

- the Ashdown Audio Engineering ABM 414T 4x10

A modern take on a classic configuration takes the 4x10 speaker configuration combined with a HF horn combining premium electronic components, rock solid cabinetry and hardware to create a cabinet that delivers girth and punch without rattles or vibrations. The Ashdown Audio Engineering® ABM 414T can be found everywhere on stages from clubs to arenas and in genres from classic rock and metal through prog and fusion to all forms of pop music. This cabinet delivers a warm and round low end with enough snap to handle a wide variety of modern styles.

- the Acoustic® 301 1x18” bass reflex cabinet

Look at any stage from a rock show in the early seventies and you are guaranteed to see one or two monolithic black cabinets with a light blue band across the front. These were either the Acoustic® 301 1x18” bass reflex cabinet or its brother the 361, with integrated amplifier. These backbreaking and thunderous cabinets featured a single rear firing 18” speaker with the sound reflected and projected out the top and bottom of the front of the cabinet. This cab transcended musical styles as the favourite of luminary bassists such as Larry Graham, John Paul Jones, John Deacon, and Jaco Pastorius.

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