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Tuck n Roll G


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What's cooler than finding an early 70's ¨tuck and roll¨ Naugahyde® covered Kustom® 2x12 150 series cabinet in great condition? Finding a rare green sparkle one!!! So to top that, we found one with factory loaded pair of Altec® 417-8c speakers! These high power capacity drivers are noted as being the preferred speaker of amongst others, a world famous guitarist who made his debut at Woodstock in 1969 and is still touring today to packed arenas. In their day, the 417 was the premium upgrade for many American amplifiers, in fact, a rival manufacturer's premium speaker that became the standard for late 70's 1x12 combos was actually made as a lower cost OEM alternative to the Altec® 417-8c. This cabinet really delivers classic crystal clear tones with these great speakers, unique dual ports and heavy duty construction.


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Tuck n Roll G

Tuck n Roll G

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