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This modern 4x12 cabinet is the creation of NOS®, a boutique amplifier builder from southern France. It is loaded with 4 Celestion® Vintage 30 12" speakers.

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This 4x12 is handmade with 18-ply birch. This cabinet is loaded with Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers. It is a powerful cabinet that gives edge to rythm tracks, making guitar tracks cut easily into the mix.

Any Two notes virtual cabinet is captured with 8 microphones. With the NOS® V30 you will be able to choose between the 8 following mics to do the cab miking:

  • Dyn 421 inspired from Sennheiser MD421 (c)
  • Knightfall inspired from Blue Dragonfly (c)
  • Dyn Bass20 inspired from Electrovoice RE20 (c)
  • Cnd 87 inspired from Neumann U87 (c)
  • Rbn 121 inspired from Royer R121 (c)
  • Rbn 160 inspired from BeyerDynamic M160 (c)
  • Dyn Bass52 inspired from Shure Beta52 (c)
  • Dyn 57 inspired from Shure SM57 (c)

This cabinet is only compatible with Two notes hardware and software.


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