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NEW! Official Victory Cabinets

We are delighted to be welcoming Victory Amplification into the Two notes family with the launch of the Victory Official DynIR Virtual Cabinets !

Victory and Two notes have come together to create 20 speaker captures, available individually or within different packs, capturing two of Victory’s cabinet range - the Copper and Sheriff.

Check all the official DynIR Victory cabinets here.

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20 official DynIR Victory cabinets have landed on the Two notes Store, from two of Victory's cabinet range - the Copper and Sheriff.

Victory Copper and Sheriff Cabinets

Both the Copper and the Sheriff ranges come in two versions, Classic or Boutique with the classic range allowing you to choose from 8 industry-standard performance microphones, including models of a 57 and 421.

The boutique range is made up of more nuanced and iconic studio microphones, such as the U87, when combined can give you the most articulate and incredibly detailed tones from your Torpedo device. Victory hand-build their cabinets using only the best speakers and wood, ensuring that each cabinet is specifically voiced to ensure maximum power and great articulation.

Check all the official DynIR Victory cabinets here