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Save 40% on the NEW MESA Cabs

12 sublime vintage-tuned cabinets that perfectly articulate the most touch sensitive dynamics of your favorite amp. MESA Fillmore, California, and Lone Star cabinets are now available in the Two note store.

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To celebrate this exceptional release of MESA Engineering cabinets, you can save 40% when buying the Vintage Edition (Complete Pack)

The pack contains all 12 cabinets: Vintage Edition - Live and Vintage Edition - Studio cabinets.

This one time time offer ends on Monday 20th of July..

The twelve new MESA/Boogie Vintage Edition cabinets are:

  • 1x12 California® Tweed 23 VEL
  • 1x12 California® Tweed 23 VES
  • 2x12 California Tweed VEL
  • 2x12 California Tweed VES
  • 1x12 Fillmore® 19 VEL
  • 1x12 Fillmore® 19 VES
  • 1x12 Fillmore® 23 VEL
  • 1x12 Fillmore® 23 VES
  • 2x12 Fillmore® VEL
  • 2x12 Fillmore® VES
  • 4x10 Lone Star® VEL
  • 4x10 Lone Star® VES

The new MESA Vintage Edition virtual cabinet packs have been divided into two categories and applications - the Vintage Edition Live (VEL) and the Vintage Edition Studio (VES). The same six cabinet options are available in each pack while different microphones were used for each pack to reflect numerous combinations for both live and studio applications.

The Vintage Edition - Live (VEL) gives you 6 legendary MESA/Boogie virtual cabinets and 8 world-famous microphones to capture them. The six dynamic, one ribbon and one condenser microphones featured in this pack are those used on the biggest stages and tours around the globe. Here are the mics included with a VEL cabinet:

  • Dyn 421 (inspired by Sennheiser MD421)
  • Dyn Bass20 (inspired by Electrovoice RE20)
  • Rbn 160 (inspired by Beyer Dynamic M160)
  • Dyn 57 (inspired by Shure SM57)
  • Dyn 7b (inspired by Shure SM7b)
  • Dyn 409 (inspired by Sennheiser MD409)
  • Dyn 441 (inspired by Sennheiser MD441)
  • Cnd BULS414 (inspired by AKG 414ULS)

The Vintage Edition - Studio (VES) brings you 6 legendary MESA/Boogie virtual cabinets and the ultimate collection of high-end studio microphones to record them. The four ribbon and four condenser microphones featured in this pack are responsible for some of the greatest recorded guitar tones in history. Here are the mics included with a VES cabinet:

  • Cnd 87 (inspired by Neumann U87)
  • Rbn 4038 (inspired by Coles 4038 Ribbon)
  • Rbn 122 (inspired by Royer Labs R-122)
  • Cnd Tube 47 (inspired by Neumann U47)
  • Cnd Tube 67 (inspired by Neumann U67)
  • Rbn 313 (inspired by Shure KSM313)
  • Rbn BK5a (inspired by AEA K5UA)
  • Cnd Tube 251 (inspired by Telefunken ELA M251)

These caboinets reflect the most accurate IR representations for MESA cabinets available to date, approved and fully endorsed by the company that brings you unparalleled excellence in speaker cabinet design, manufacturing and tone.

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