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The Pignose® 7-100, the world's first portable amplifier quickly became a tool in every guitarist's toolbox in the early seventies. The 5 watt transistor amp and 5” speaker is housed in a hinged box with strap buttons and a battery compartment. The particular model we captured is from the first series made roughly in 1973 (s/n in the 6000's) and considered a collectors item. We also acquired a later but still vintage Pignose® and decided the rare older one is the prize we wanted to capture. Pignose® tones are all over classic 70's LP's and matched with a gnarly fuzz, this capture is a unique way to revisit the vibe.

This cabinet comes with the following 8 microphones:

  • Knightfall inspired by Blue Dragonfly ©
  • Rbn 121 inspired by Royer R121 ©
  • Rbn 160 inspired by BeyerDynamic M160 ©
  • Dyn 57 inspired by Shure SM57 ©
  • Dyn 25 inspired by Audio Technica ATM25 ©
  • Dyn Cu29 inspired by Placid Audio Copperphone ©
  • Cnd Tubmod87 inspired by Neumann U87ai w IOaudio Tube Mod ©
  • Rbn BK5a inspired by RCA BK-5a ©

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