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This is a 1950’s Bell and Howell Filmosound® model 179 portable movie projector extension cabinet. These have become popular as guitar speakers for roots rock, blues and harp, particularly in the studio. One can either match them with a suitable tube amp; 5e3 family Fenders® are popular, or the audio amp of an actual projector can fairly easily be modified to amplify a guitar signal. This cabinet contains a modern replacement Warehouse G12Q that sounds just killer in this enclosure. The cabinet also features a thin wall bent plywood cabinet with felt coating. For this capture, some more unusual mics were used, some with very narrow frequency reponses, perfect in the right place. Choose and place them carefully for the best results.

This cabinet comes with the following 8 microphones:

  • Cnd CCCP1 F inspired by Soyuz SU-019 FET ©
  • Knightfall inspired by Blue Dragonfly ©
  • Dyn 57 Fred inspired by Shure SM57 Fredman pair ©
  • Dyn Handset inspired by Wasaphone Signalman ©
  • Dyn Cu29 inspired by Placid Audio Copperphone ©
  • Dyn 541 inspired by Sennheiser BF541 ©
  • Rbn BK5b inspired by RCA BK-5b ©
  • Rbn 44-A inspired by Cloud Microphones 44-A ©

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