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A Two notes virtual cabinet for your Torpedo Wall of Sound plug-in.

Inspired by Divided by Thirteen® FTR37 2x12” OB Celestion® Blue & G12H30 70th Anniversary (mic G12H30 side)

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This 2x12 Fixed baffle cabinet is fashioned after the /13 team's favorite 2x12 played by the "Fab Four". This cabinet embed two differents speakers, on this capture the close miking is on the G12H30, which can be described as a fusion between the V30 and the Greenback, producing a thick warm and syrupy sound while still retaining a tight and focused bottom end.

This cabinet comes with the following 8 microphones:

  • Condenser 87 inspired by Neumann® U87 ©
  • Condenser Knightfall inspired by Blue® Dragonfly ©
  • Dynamic 57 inspired by Shure® SM57 ©
  • Dynamic Bass 52 inspired by Shure® Beta 52 ©
  • Dynamic Bass 20 inspired by Electro-Voice® RE20 ©
  • Dynamic 421 inspired by Sennheiser® MD421 ©
  • Ribbon 160 inspired by beyerdynamic® M160 ©
  • Ribbon 121 inspired by Royer® R-121 ©

Only compatible with Two notes software and hardware.

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