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RadCat 25W


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The Bad Cat® 4x12 guitar speaker cab is a perfect match for Bad Cat® amps. Constructed of 13-ply baltic birch, it features a four 12" proprietary Bad Cat® Celestion® speakers.

This cabinet comes with the following 8 microphones:

  • Cnd LK 767 inspired by Luke Audio® AL-X767 ©
  • Cnd LK 751 inspired by Luke Audio® AL-X751 ©
  • Cnd BTL414 inspired by AKG® C414 B-TL II ©
  • Cnd 87 inspired by Neumann® U87 ©
  • Dyn 7b inspired by Shure® SM7B ©
  • Dyn 57 inspired by Shure® SM57 ©
  • Dyn 421 inspired by Sennheiser® MD421 ©
  • Rbn Fat 2 inspired by Cascade Microphones® FAT HEAD II ©

Only compatible with Two notes software and hardware.

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