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The oversized 4x12 made by the legendary amp manufacturer of Petaluma in California captured again with another set of microphones.

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We love the oversized 4x12 made by the legendary amp manufacturer of Petaluma in California so much that we have decided to capture it again with eight other mics ! We used 2 large diaphragms condensers: world reference AKG® c414 and lovely Telefunken® ak47. We used also 2 small diaphragms condensers: high end Shure® ksm141 and standard of neutrality Shoeps® cmc5. For each mics we've captured Omni and Cardioid patterns giving you a lot of differents ambiances. The CalifRec2 is the secret weapon for produce multilayered tracks or simply to enjoy playing using headphones.

This cabinet comes with the following 8 microphones:

  • Cnd Mk5 O inspired by Shoeps cmc5 mk5 omni ©
  • Cnd BTL414 O inspired by AKG C414 B-TL II omni ©
  • Cnd Rifle O inspired by Telefunken AK47 omni ©
  • Cnd 141 O inspired by Shure ksm141 omni ©
  • Cnd Mk5 inspired by Shoeps cmc5 ©
  • Cnd 141 inspired by Shure ksm141 ©
  • Cnd Rifle inspired by Telefunken AK47 ©
  • Cnd BTL414 inspired by AKG C414 B-TL II ©

Only compatible with Two notes software and hardware.

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