AZ Ben

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A bass cabinet for your Two notes hardware or Wall of Sound software.

It is inspired by the SWR® Big Ben 1×18″

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AZ Ben is a carpeted, 400-watt 1x18" subwoofer that can be used as a stand-alone powerhouse or as part of a thundering bi-amplification system. Its clever design includes a chrome stamped steel, vibration-free grill and a rear tube port. Carpeted 1x18" sub woofer. Very fast for an 18".

Only compatible with Two notes hardware and software.

This cabinet comes with the following 8 microphones:

  • Dynamic 421 inspired by Sennheiser MD421 ©
  • Condenser Knightfall inspired by Blue Dragonfly ©
  • Dynamic Bass 20 inspired by Electrovoice RE20 ©
  • Condenser 87 inspired by Neumann U87 ©
  • Ribbon 121 inspired by Royer R121 ©
  • Ribbon 160 inspired by BeyerDynamic M160 ©
  • Dynamic Bass 52 inspired by Shure Beta52 ©
  • Dynamic 57 inspired by Shure SM57 ©

Only compatible with Two notes software and hardware.

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