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Made by the legendary amp manufacturer of Petaluma in California, this cabinet provides the typical American sound.

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This cabinet provides the typical American sound. The custom-made V30 sounds huge with regards to the small size of the enclosure, with wide bottom end and biting trebles. This cabinet is the perfect match for any high gain amplifier, allowing for an easy mix. Very versatile, in can also be used with great results on a fully clean amp.

This cabinet comes with the following 8 microphones:

  • Cnd 201 inspired by Mojave MA-201 ©
  • Cnd 87 inspired by Neumann U87 ©
  • Dyn 7b inspired by Shure SM7b ©
  • Dyn Bass88 inspired by BeyerDynamic M88 ©
  • Dyn 57 inspired by Shure SM57 ©
  • Dyn Bass20 inspired by Electrovoice RE20 ©
  • Dyn 421 inspired by Sennheiser MD421 ©
  • Rbn 121 inspired by Royer R121 ©

Only compatible with Two notes software and hardware.

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