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Torpedo C.A.B.

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Put the Torpedo CAB at the end of your pedalboard and turn into a complete guitar rig for live shows and recordings. You will benefit from the Torpedo ‘s technology of miced cabinet simulation to have your tone disc- and show-ready in a stompbox format.
the Torpedo C.A.B. is the best Impulse-Response loader in a pedal.
The Torpedo CAB is delivered with 32 virtual cabinets and 8 virtual microphones.

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Pack content

The Torpedo CAB is a standalone miked guitar and bass cabinet simulation in a stompbox format.
This pedal has the same features and technology of the Live without the loadbox part.

With the CAB you can leave your heavy amp at home and still deliver quality and professional tone at your gig straight from your pedalboard.
The CAB will improve your guitar recordings in a flash thanks to the Torpedo technology.
Put the CAB in the FX loop of your amp and have the ultimate sound of your guitar takes sent to your soundcard.
The CAB is also a great addition to any loadbox. Have it after the loadbox to send your emulated cabinet mic’ed tone to any audio interface.
Enjoy hours of silent practice at home thanks to the phones output.

The Torpedo CAB comes with 32 virtual cabinets and 8 virtual microphones.


Inputs / Outputs

Guitar/Line Input : Jack 6.35 mm (1/4″) balanced (TRS)
Amp/Line Output : Jack 6.35 mm (1/4″) balanced (TRS)
Phones : MONO out, Jack 6.35mm balanced (TRS)
MIDI Input

Audio Performances

ADC (input)
Sampling frequency : 96 kHz
Resolution : 24 bits
Noise level : -100 dB (A-weighted)
DAC (output)
Sampling frequency : 96 kHz
Resolution: 24 bits
Noise level : -100 dB (A-weighted)
Latency: 2,875 ms

Power supply : 12 VDC / 300 mA negative centre

Weight and dimension

Width x Depth x Height: 178x120x37 (mm)
Weight : 500g