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Torpedo Captor

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The Torpedo Captor is the tool you are looking for your amp : reactive load box, attenuator, DI and speaker simulation.
Play dead silent or lower the volume of your amp while still feeding the PA or your audio interface with a quality guitar sound thanks to the embedded speaker simulation.

The Captor comes with 16 virtual cabinets and 8 microphones for the Wall Of Sound plugin.

Pack content

The Torpedo Captor is an easy to use reactive load box to either play silently or attenuate the level of your beloved amp.
The Captor also makes recordings easier thanks to the DI output that can send your amp signal to your audio interface.
With the provided cabinets for Wall Of Sound you can then recreate the perfect cabinet and microphone combination in your DAW.
On stage, you can send your amp signal straight to the desk thanks to the speaker simulation derived from the Preamp series.
The analog speaker simulation has 2 voicing : guitar and bass.
With the 20dB attenuation you can keep your cabinet on stage and take advantage of your speaker as your monitor.

It comes with 16 virtual cabinets and 8 virtual microphones for the Wall Of Sound plugin.


Reactive load box
Input impedance: 4, 8 or 16 Ohms
Admissible power: 100W RMS (see this article if your amplifier is more powerful)
Fan powered by the amp: the phantom or external power supply is not needed.

Input / Output

Speaker Input: 1/4″ Jack unbalanced (TS, Tip/Sleeve)
Speaker Att: 1/4″ Jack unbalanced (TS)  (Attenuation: -20dB)
Speaker Thru: 1/4″ Jack unbalanced (TS) – Directly connected to Speaker Input. The load box is disconnected when a jack is inserted in this Thru output
Line Output: 1/4″ Jack balanced (TRS)
DI Output: XLR balanced

Analogue speaker simulation

Guitar : based on Brit VintC (4×12) - Dyn57
Bass : based on Fridge (8×10) / Alu XL (4×10) - Cnd87


Power is required only for the XLR DI output and speaker simulation.
Phantom power or DC jack, 2.1×5.5mm, negative center.
Voltage : 9 to 24V DC
Current : 5mA

Dimensions & weight

Width x Depth x Height: 175 x 126 x 62 mm

Weight : 1 kg