Hear the Torpedo Studio's full power.

Hear the Torpedo Studio's full power.

Listen to The Blackstone Co. and hear the power of Torpedo Studio

Marc Bohren, guitarist and singer for The Blackstone co, recorded all the guitars for their new album "Betrayed" with Two notes Torpedo Studio. The guitars are played through 3 MESA/Boogie amps: a Dual Rectifier Roadking V1, a Stiletto Deuce V1 and a Mini Rectifier 25.

The Blackstone Co's touring rig.
A full MESA/Boogie and Two notes' rig from The Blackstone Co.

The virtual cabinets that are used for the fat sounding guitars are the CalifRecto, based on Marc's original 4x12 Rectifier cabinet from 1998, and the CalifHorizontal, based on Marc's 2x12 Rectifer cabinet from 2002.

The bass lines go through the Two notes Le Bass preamp.

This week, EMG pickups has endorsed Marc Bohren as an official artist.

EMG pickups' new artist Marc Bohren

He mounts a pair of 81 and 85 on his beloved 1996 Gibson Les Paul Custom Premium Plus, and a pair of 57/66 on his 1995 Gibson les Paul Classic Premium Plus.

Blackstone has been receiving rave reviews for "Betrayal" and they played Hellfest this year. Here is the video clip for their lead song "The Gift"