All the best for 2019!

All the best for 2019!

We wish you all the best for 2019. we are really excited about this year. There will be new products and new partnerships coming very soon. We will work on improving our current line of products for 2019 as well as creating new unprecedented features that could be available for testing by the end of this year.

2018 was a testing year because we ran late on updating the Wall of Sound and the long promised firmware upgrade for the C.A.B. and the Live has asked our software team to change more than expected. Because we wanted to provide more to our users, we added more new features than expected but it led to more work in development. We are now only days away from releasing the Beta version. A dedicated newsletter will run about this new firmware as soon as it is available.2018 was also our year for huge partnerships with MESA/Boogie and Celestion. You can expect more of these kinds of big partnership for 2019.

The first of these new products will be announced at the NAMM on the 24th of January.

Remember that until the 15th of January we have our End Of The Year Sale going on, where you save on our hardware and receive tons of cabinets for free on top. More here.

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