CEO Guillaume Pille at Audiofanzine for Les pieds dans le patch

CEO Guillaume Pille at Audiofanzine for Les pieds dans le patch

On wednesday, Two notes' CEO Guillaume Pille was guest on Audiofanzine's show "Les pieds dans le Patch". For non-French speakers here is a quick resume.  

There are great parts on here it all started, Guillaume's background (his college years and the PHD), how the idea of a load box with an on-board DSP to create the cab sim came into light more than 10 years ago. Audiofanzine was there from the beginning with their community where Guillaume met and worked with the future engineers of the company.

And if some of you do not know why our range of products is called the Torpedo, the answer is in the video. Well, again, it is not fair on our english speaking community. Here how it goes: at the beginning, Guillaume got a massive help from Mr Torpe to launch the Two notes company. And their name combined makes Torpille, which in French means Torpedo. Simple as that.

It came the day after the MESA/Boogie launch so there are a couple of mentions about it.

The show is loaded with good humour, new products, and fun facts.

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