Jack Gardiner and Alex Cordo join our Artist Roster

Jack Gardiner and Alex Cordo join our Artist Roster

We welcome two very talented guitarists in our Artist Roster.

Meet Jack Gardiner

Jack Gardiner is a UK born rising professional musician/guitarist based Switzerland. At 26 years old, Jack already boasts 11 solid years of gigging on big stages, teaching professionally and performing in trade shows and masterclasses. He holds guitar duties with Stuart Hamm, as well as in China Crisis.

Jack uses the Torpedo Reload in his studio… “The Two notes Torpedo Reload makes recording big loud amps from home easy. I would love to crank up my tube amps and stick a couple of microphones in front of them, but in reality, I’d be faced with a polite knock on the door from our neighbours within a couple of minutes – the Swiss are super-efficient! The Reload eliminates this problem and it also creates some nice tonal options. I really like the feel of an amp pushing air in a room and it actually can massively affect the way I play! By blending the real cab sound in the room (at much quieter volumes) with the recorded out, I just feel that little bit more comfortable in my playing – plus it saves both my ears and my neighbours! Win-win!”

He has released his debut EP "Escapades" at the beginning of July.

Listen to it in full here :

Welcome to Alex Cordo

From his musical upbringing as a violinist, Alex Cordo keeps an incredible sense of tone, interpretation, and vibrant playing. Creating melodies is innate to his playing.

We welcomed him to the Two notes Studio for a playthrough of the track "Hands Up" from his album Origami.

He plays his Vigier GV into an Orange Jim Root Terror and all cabinet tones are delivered with the Torpedo Studio.