Torpedo Remote - new update

Torpedo Remote - new update

A new update for Torpedo Remote is available. We are now in version 5.3.4.

Here all the download links:

Pour Windows:

Pour macOS:

You can view the whole history of changes through the Torpedo Remote change log page.

The latest version contains the following fixes:

  • Torpedo C.A.B. M+ only: firmware changes
    • Fixed an issue with the encoders skipping a step from time to time.
    • Memory card no longer boots at startup. It only boots when accessing it is required.
    • Enhanced warnings related to the memory card.
  • Torpedo Captor X only: firmware changes
    • Polarity correction: out signal was inverted in regards to in signal
    • Fixed error 25
  • Firmware changes (common to Torpedo C.A.B. M+ and Captor X v5.05)
    • Fixed error 205 (BLE pin code renew).
    • Fixed onboard DSP CLIP LED.
  • Torpedo Remote changes:
    • Fixed an issue that occured when an unknown device was detected.