MESA Vintage Edition Cabinets - Exclusive presets

MESA Vintage Edition Cabinets - Exclusive presets

We have made exclusive presets for each of the MESA/Boogie Vintage Edition cabinets to show you the finer points of each cabinet. Each one has been made in a different room to give you the widest tonal palette possible.

Get crazy with Wall of Sound

For the Torpedo Wall of Sound, we’ve also made special presets blending Vintage Edition - Live cabinets with those from the Vintage Edition - Studio equivalent for a more complex layer of sound. A couple of presets also mix different sizes of cabinets, using the strengths of each to give you the best possible tones - as you can see, the possibilities are limitless!

Download MESA/Boogie Vintage Edition WoS Presets

Take it on the road with Remote

For Torpedo Remote 5 users (Captor X, Live, Studio, C.A.B.), we have created dual-miked presets for each MESA/Boogie Vintage Edition cabinets.

Download MESA/Boogie Vintage Edition Remote Presets

And finally, we went the extra mile, and have created specially designed presets for C.A.B. M+ users with the new preamp of the pedal.

Download MESA/Boogie Vintage Edition C.A.B. M+ Presets

The MESA Vintage Edition virtual cabinet packs have been divided into two categories and applications: the Vintage Edition - Live (VEL) and the Vintage Edition - Studio (VES).

Get your Vintage Edition - Studio pack here.

Get your Vintage Edition - Live pack here.

Get your EVERYTHING pack here.