3 legendary tube amps with the Torpedo Captor X

3 legendary tube amps with the Torpedo Captor X

Hear 3 legendary tube amps played through the Torpedo Captor X - The loadbox inside the Captor X reflects all the details, the finer points, the subtleties that make these amps the legends they are.

Let's start with the Marshall SuperLead with those gritty crunch tones, the definition of the classic powerful cranked Marshall tone. Next up is the Fender Bassman, delivering the 'on the edge cleans' like no other and then, finally, it's the turn of the MESA/Boogie MARK V - it's all about the power, the clarity of the higher gain and tone so complex the Captor X is the only load box that can do the tone the justice it deserves.

The guitars used are a 1995 Fender Stratocaster loaded with EMG SA pickups for single coils clarity, and an Ibanez RG7PCMLTD for that trademark humbucker 'grunt'.

Every tone you hear is direct to desk from the XLR outputs of the Torpedo Captor X - Two notes virtual cabinets provide the miked cab sim, the internal effects (Twin Tracker, Enhancer, EQ and Stereo Reverb) bring the subtle tonal changes needed for each part of the track.

Torpedo Captor X has a MIDI input enabling for presets and parameters changes on the fly. The cabinet is changed to match each amp:

  • BritVintC (inspired by a 4x12 Marshall© 1960 Slash Signature cabinet) for the Marshall SuperLead;
  • Bdeluxe (inspired by a Fender© Blues Deluxe cabinet) for the Fender Bassman; and
  • Calif StdC (inspired by a 4x12 MESA/Boogie© Rectifier Traditional cabinet) for the MESA/Boogie MARK V.

These cabinets are included in the Torpedo Captor X.

Torpedo Captor X is available worldwide now.