Get the most out of Wall of Sound

Get the most out of Wall of Sound

With lockdown happening just about everywhere, us guitar players have the perfect distraction - we are so lucky to have this 'thing' to give us something wonderfully creative to think about!

We have been delighted to welcome a lot of new users to the Wall of Sound experience over the last few weeks. With 7 free virtual cabinets (*) included (redeemable through your Two notes account) you have all the tools readily available for awesome tone. Whether it is playing along to backing tracks or recording your future hit song, you can be certain that Two notes tone is with you all the way!

Wall of Sound is built around 2 environments: Arcade and Simulation. The two following videos will help you get around the plugin depending on the environment you find the best to work in.

Get running quickly with Arcade mode.

Thanks to Andrei Martinez Agras for this video. It shows you everything you want to know about Arcade mode. We love this video and really dig his playing, it's so good! Please take a moment to look around his Youtube channel (and of course, subscribe) as it's full of great content to improve your overall sound in your DAW.

Go deep with Simulation Mode.

Adam Steele runs Hop Pole Studio in the UK and has been working with us for years in producing some of our best selling Virtual Cabinets. When Wall of Sound v4 came out a couple of years ago he did a DEEP review. As we have come to expect from Adam, it's in depth so you will learn a lot of things that not only will make your WoS experience even more epic, but he also steps outside the plugin: eq tips, microphone placement. etc.

He is also one of most trusted cabinet Capture Masters and has been responsible for lots of best selling cabinets, including the captures of the Zilla's that are available in the Two notes Store.

(*) Offer ends on the 11th of May at 11.59pm CET. Offer is a full lifetime license for Wall of Sound with 2 free cabinets. Redeem the 5 additional free cabinets by going to the My License page in your account.