D.I.Y band recording with Mr. Fastfinger.

D.I.Y band recording with Mr. Fastfinger.

Recording your band, the pipe dream.

After hours of rehearsals to craft the songs, numerous gigs to test the riffs, it is time to commit the creations to tape. 25 years ago, you only had one choice: book a studio. For most of us, the budget was always too tight. Too many songs planned and never enough money for mixing.

Thankfully everything is now easy. Computers are lightweight, portable, and powerful. Audio interfaces allow for multiple inputs and outputs with high-quality preamps in very compact enclosures. With cab sim pedals, load boxes, it is very easy to track basses and guitars anywhere. Of course, recording drumkits is still a challenge. The room acoustics (and your neighbours) can highly impact the end result. Drum mic kits are now more affordable. And with simple techniques, you can achieve incredible drum sounds.

Thanks to Mika Tyyskä, learn how to record your band in a small place with minimum gear. The drum kit is recorded with a Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7. The Hughes and Kettner amp is paired with a Torpedo C.A.B. M to go direct to the mixer. The bass rig is hooked to the desk using a Palmer DI.

With this simple setup, Mr. Fastfinger Trio recorded 4 live track "Mountains and Hills". Watch the complete rig, the method, and the mixing of this live performance.

Watch the full performance of "Mountains and Hills".

Mika Tyyskä is the incredible brain behind Mr. Fastfinger. The latter is the famous animated guitar player on the Guitar Shred Show. Use your computer's keyboard and make Mr. FastFinger shred on his green guitar.