Create your Custom Cabinet Pack and save.

Create your Custom Cabinet Pack and save.

There are more than 300 Virtual Cabinets on the Two notes Store. You have the choice to create your dream sound. Packs regroup some of the cabinets available. However, the list is predetermined.

Create your custom cabinet pack that will suit all your playing ideas. Save a lot at checkout.

Create your custom pack of cabinets and save money at checkout.

The Two notes Store offers different levels of discounts depending on the number of cabinets in the cart.

  • Buy 5 to 11 cabinets and save 25%.
  • Buy 12 to 23 cabinets and save 40%.
  • Buy 24 to 35 cabinets and save 50%.
  • Buy 36 to 47 cabinets and save 60%.
  • Buy more than 48 cabinets and save 65%.

The discounts are taken into account automatically in your cart. You have no voucher or promo code to input. A line will appear under the list of cabinets in your cart detailing the level of discount you have activated.

  • Starter is the 25% discount scheme.
  • Twelve is the 40% discount scheme.
  • Advanced is the 50% discount scheme.
  • Essentials is the 60% discount scheme.
  • Pro is the 65% discount scheme.

(DISCLAIMER: No permanent discount schemes in the Two notes store work with any MESA/Boogie cabinets.)