NAMM 2020: the recap.

NAMM 2020: the recap.

NAMM, the biggest event of the year for music gear, has closed its doors. And this year was exceptional. Of course, we had our new reactive load box, the Torpedo Captor X, to show. There were also other incredible announcements from partners and friends for this NAMM.

A new amp with embedded Torpedo cab sim

Revv premiered their new lunchbox amp: the Revv G20. Taking all the great features of the Revv D20, with heavy and furious tone in a compact format. Just as his counterpart, this tube amp embeds the Torpedo Technology. With its internal reactive load, you can take this amp and go direct with studio-grade cab sim from Two notes through the XLR output.

Be creative, quickly.

Audient debuted a whole new range of audio interface: EVO 4 and EVO 8. These interfaces are designed to make recording easy. Evo’s most unique feature is Smartgain which automatically sets the gain when the user starts playing or singing. Two notes is part of Audient’s ARC. Register any Audient hardware and receive 8 Two notes virtual cabinets for free. Use these cabinets with the free plugin Torpedo Wall of Sound (WoS). With EVO and WoS, you will be playing guitar with great tone in a blink of an eye.

Your pedalboard as a full amp

Orange had 3 brand new products for this NAMM, and the highlight was definitely the Terror Stamp. A tube preamp with a solid-state power amp bringing 20 watts of killer Orange tone on your pedalboard. With its tiny footprint, associate our cab sim pedal, Torpedo C.A.B. M, to create a pedalboard rig to go direct with DSP powered cab sim, while powering a guitar cabinet. Load the C.A.B. M with the official Orange Virtual Cabinets to have the complete Orange experience with your pedalboard.

Rave reviews for Torpedo Captor X

We have had an amazing response for the Torpedo Captor X. Our new reactive load box and attenuator has already received coverage from Premier Guitar, Sound on Sound and Music Radar.

We also had the chance to get special attention from Thomann for their #thoNAMM coverage, whose video gives a thorough look at all the features of Torpedo Captor X.

Andertons with Rabea Massaad and Peter Honore (Danish Pete) also came to the booth to have a first feel of this new essential tool for tube amp lovers. Through their video, you get to clearly see the layout of the interface Torpedo Remote in the mobile tablet allowing you to edit any parameter of the Torpedo Captor X easily.

Torpedos bringing quality cab sim to headphones.

Two notes were present with many other brands using our Torpedo units for headphones listening.

Victory Amps’ booth featured the Torpedo Live, our road proven digital load box, for the demos of their boutique amps. Players could listen to the famous Kraken and V40 amps with headphones thanks to the cab sim provided by the Torpedo Live.

Victory Amps used Torpedo Live as load boxes for cab sim duties

The British amp manufacturer had a massive new product to show: the V4 the Duchess, a full 4-valve preamp paired to a 180W solid-state Class D power amp. It is a single channel guitar amp (as the V40) with tremolo and reverb. It has a balanced line out to create an ideal combination with the Torpedo C.A.B. M to go direct to the PA/audio interface with sublime cabinet simulation. The most clever little add-on of the Duchess is the 9V DC power output, meaning, the C.A.B. M and some other pedals can be powered straight from the amp. Amazing.

The trend of boutique pedalboard including a poweramp and an IR loader pedal is definitely the trend for lightweight rigs in 2020.

Anasounds came to NAMM with 3 new pedals!! And the real eye-catcher is the Spinner with its one-of-a-kind expression control. All their creations were going through the Torpedo C.A.B. M. for quality headphone listening.

our cab sim pedal, Torpedo C.A.B. M, was present on Anasounds' demo board.


  • Ariel E Lopez
    22 janvier, 2020

    Ever since I found the torpedo cab, it never left my pedalboard. Then comes the cabm, I had to have it, so I pre-ordered it when I saw it come out at namm. Two Notes is hands down the best when going direct.

    • Two notes
      23 janvier, 2020

      Thank you very much for the love :)

  • Fend
    24 janvier, 2020

    To be precise, Anasound came with TWO new trem pedals : the "standard" version and the DIY version (with their new brand FX-Teacher). The third pedal is an "expression pedal" capable of controling the tremolo of these two new models. And yes, it's AMAZING! BTW congratulation for your brand new Captor X that really brings the captors to an upper level!

    • Two notes
      29 janvier, 2020

      Thanks for the precision. The article has been edited concerning Anasound. thanks for the nice comment about Torpedo Captor X.